Purus Logistics

The future of low-carbon supply chains

Developing a new generation of low-carbon coastal container vessels, barges and port infrastructure

  • Providing low-carbon logistics, assets and services in coastal and inland waterways to our corporate customers.
  • Using the latest energy-saving devices, carbon capture systems and flexible vessel designs.
  • Purus Logistics will also provide low-carbon port infrastructure and inland waterway barges in the future.
Purus Logistics is led by Pontus Berg and Chetan Sood

Immediate carbon reductions

through modern designs, energy-saving devices and carbon capture technology.

Net zero-carbon within the 2030s

with the use of bio and synthetic fuels and carbon capture technology.

Decarbonization Technologies*

LNG ready
Carbon capture
Energy-saving devices
Synthetic LNG
*Current technologies and future technologies under evaluation, subject to change. The implementation of future technologies may rely on factors outside of our control such as the commercial availability and competitiveness of such technologies.