Purus Marine Announces the Acquisition of HST Marine

Purus Marine (“Purus”, or the “Company”) today announced the acquisition of HST Marine (“HST”), a leading UK-based provider of Crew Transfer Vessels (“CTVs”) to the offshore wind industry. HST’s fleet of modern CTVs includes one of the industry’s first battery hybrid CTVs, the Chartwell designed HST Ella, a recipient of the 2022 EMCAs Green Technology Award. Post-acquisition, Purus Wind, the Company’s offshore wind business, will employ approximately 100 people in the U.K. and Norway with extensive engineering, vessel management and chartering expertise. Purus Wind will offer its customers battery hybrid CTVs, battery hybrid offshore wind construction/service operation vessels (“C/SOV”), inspection drones and other services.

“With the acquisition of HST, Purus Wind is well positioned to be a leader in providing integrated C/SOV and CTV offshore wind support solutions,” said Julian Proctor, Chief Executive Officer of Purus Marine.

“Our platform allows us to offer more products to our offshore wind customers and to cover them globally, allowing us to build deeper industry relationships,” said Svein Engh, Senior Advisor and a Board Member of Purus Marine.

“We are delighted to find a partner in Purus, who shares our strong commitment to providing low-carbon solutions for the construction and operation of offshore wind farms, and who is well positioned to support our growth,” said Tom Nevin, Chief Executive Officer of HST, who will serve as the Business Head of Purus Wind.

About Purus Marine

Purus is a provider of low-carbon maritime transportation and infrastructure systems. The Company serves a wide variety of maritime sectors, including offshore wind support, passenger mobility systems, container & port infrastructure, and gas infrastructure. Purus is committed to supporting the maritime industry’s transition to a zero-carbon and sustainable future by owning and operating vessels and infrastructure equipment that reduce carbon emissions and ocean pollution. For more information visit www.purusmarine.com.

About HST Marine

HST is an established owner operator of vessels and support solutions for the offshore industries. Its fleet includes Crew Transfer Vessels working in the offshore wind sector across Europe, as well as a Survey Vessel and workboats. Based in the UK, HST employs approximately 100 people onshore and offshore, with deep experience in vessel management and chartering. HST is at the forefront of offering lower-carbon solutions to its customers.

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