Purus Marine

Solutions for a cleaner blue economy
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Who we are

We provide low-carbon maritime energy transportation and infrastructure systems.

Our Vision

To deliver unparalleled maritime transportation systems, leaving the planet in a better place

Ambition to be net zero-carbon within the 2030s

Our Decarbonization Strategy

Our assets implement the very latest in carbon reduction technologies, including fully-electric and battery hybrid propulsion, carbon capture systems, lower-carbon fuels and high-impact energy saving devices that reduce carbon emissions immediately, with strategies to further reduce carbon in the future.

Our people who operate our assets are highly skilled, bringing industry best practices and safe, cost-effective and low-carbon transport solutions.

Our know-how delivers compelling value and unique solutions to our customers, while staying at the forefront of innovation.

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Our Approach

Our team's deep industry knowledge and experience help us integrate cutting edge equipment and technologies, people and know-how to deliver safe, cost-effective and efficient operations, with carbon emission reductions that are expected to exceed the climate ambitions of the Paris Agreement.

We serve a wide variety of corporate and government customers throughout the blue economy who seek to decarbonize their supply chain and infrastructure, from offshore wind to passenger mobility, logistics and gas.
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